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DCA-A Compaction control systems

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The Dynapac Compaction Analyzer for Asphalt (DCA-A) is the perfect tool for operators. It provides real time information about the rolling, allowing the next pass to be planned, taking into account the asphalt temperature of each area. Tracking the number of passes makes it easy for the operator to maintain control of the pattern and achieve the best results. Better planning of the rolling operation also ensures jobs are carried out more efficiently, resulting in using less fuel. The DCA-A allows the contractor to document the compaction work in order to analyse the rolling pattern and number of passes on the compacted surface. The results are best used to optimise the usage of the compaction equipment and to assure the compaction results. Knowing that the compaction is carried out properly is the key to avoiding penalties and, with further improvements, achieving bonuses instead. The DCA-A software is an option for articulated tandem rollers. It can also be retrofitted to older machines.
Operating Mass: N/A
Static linear load: N/A
Compaction width: N/A

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