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CM2500 Compactasphalt®

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  • Dimensions
Basic width 8.37 ft
Working width, max. 8.20 yd
Length, max 413.39 in
Width 118 in
Height 157.48 in
Transport width 10 ft
Transport height 134 in
Transport length 22.15 ft
Discontinued true
The Compactasphalt® method is primarily developed for applying the Compactasphalt® method on highways and other wide width roads. To provide a more economic solution when applying the Compactasphalt® method to roads with a width less than 7.5m, Dynapac is introducing the CM2500 with smaller Compactasphalt® 2.55m module. This is designed to be used with a standard Dynapac DF145CS paver. The new Compactasphalt® module is built according to a similar design as the larger 3,0m module. A main difference, however, is the drive mechanism for the module. On the smaller Compactasphalt® 2.55m module it is located in front of the paver, thereby providing two main advantages: - It acts as a counter-weight for optimized weight balance - It provides more space for wearing material.
Basic paving width: 8.37 ft
Max. paving width: 8.20
Max. layer thickn.: 11.81 in
Theor placement cap.: 160 t/h

Technical data

Paving speed 0-13 m/min
Transport speed 0 mph
Manufacturer/Model Deutz TCD 2013 L04
Rated power hp
Rated power 116 kW
Rated power @ 1,800 rpm
Fuel tank capacity 79 gal


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