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CM3000 Compactasphalt®

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Largura básica 3.000 mm
Largura de trabalho, máxima 13.250 mm
Comprimento, máx 7.821 mm
Largura 3.000 mm
Altura 3.600 mm
Largura de transporte 3.000 mm
Discontinued true
The Compactasphalt® method which sets a completely new standard in roadbuilding is a combination of a compact asphalt paver with big 45,0 tons hopper insert and a module carrying the wearing course mix. It simultaneously lays both upper asphalt layers (wearing and binder course) in a single pass, with both layers being laid hot on hot. This results in better interlocking of the courses, a saving on the thickness of the wearing course, and a reduction of the paving time.The possible thin wearing course thickness enables the economical use of high-value mineral nutrients regarding to polishing-resistance, elucidation and edge strength.
Largura básica de pavimentação: 3.000 mm
Esp. Máx. Pavimentação: 13.250
Espes. Máx. Camada: 400 mm
Capac. Teór. de Descarga: N/A

Características técnicas

Velocidade de pavimentação 0-20 m/min
Velocidade de transporte 3,80 km/h
Fabricante/Modelo Deutz BF6M 1013ECP
Tipo Watercooled, intercooler
Potência nominal 163 kW
Potência nominal @ 1.800 rpm


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