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Dynapac leads first graphene-modified asphalt surface overhaul

13 Jun 2018

After 10 years of service, the Nanning Bridge, a landmark structure in Nanning City, underwent a complete surface overhaul at the end of March 2018. This overhaul, which was the very first comprehensive commercial application of graphene- compound rubber modified asphalt technology in high-class road/bridge surface construction all over the world, was completed successfully on June 4.

Adding graphene to asphalt significantly improves the durability and sustainability of asphalt road surfaces, thus making the asphalt less likely to soften in warm temperatures or harden and crack in cold ones. The additive also reduces road wear, particularly under high loads, by increasing the elasticity and strength of the asphalt. 

This is a key breakthrough in the field of new transportation materials and can effectively solve the common problem of short surface-longevity of the highways in China. Furthermore, this technology is very cost-efficient and produces great social and economic benefits. 

Guangxi University and Guangxi Zhenglu Machinery Technology Co. Ltd., a loyal user of Dynapac compaction & paving equipment, jointly develop this revolutionary technology. During its past twenty-years of growth, Guangxi Zhenglu has been responsible for many high-quality projects with the excellent performance thanks to their broad Dynapac fleet. “We are not only the project contractor, but we are also the construction solution provider in the field,” explains Mr. Gui Li Fa, the president of Guangxi Zhenglu. “Dynapac has the same enterprise values as we do and Dynapac compaction & paving equipment are indispensable tools on every one of our high-class construction projects. 

Two SD2550CS pavers with HEE (Hydraulically Extendable Ends) screeds, six CC6200 duplex rollers & two CP275 tired rollers, executed the impressive overhaul of the Nanning Bridge, with a project length of more than 1,000 meters and a width of 35 meters.  

The SD2550CS paver with HEE (Hydraulically Extendable Ends) screed is the most optimal and flexible tool for widening sections in highway construction. The paver is not only suitable for large paving widths, it can also adapt seamlessly to other narrower paving widths of any given highway situation.  For example, when using it for the paving jobs in the continuous narrowing or widening of bridge ramps, variable sections or widening sections in tunnels, bus stations on municipal roads, emergency-parking zones on high ways etc., there is no need to re-assemble the screed thus maximizing working efficiency. 

The rigid screed provides from 3 to 14 meters working-width with high quality evenness. When the paver is equipped with HEE (Hydraulically extendable ends), a maximum working width of 13.75 meters can be offered. Moreover, the main screed has a complete solid bottom plate of 3000 mm x 600 mm with an excellent structural design and optimal weight for paving jobs. All of these factors contribute to a perfect paving result.

Dynapac compaction & paving equipment is simply the best partner specialized in road construction. Thanks to its excellent performance and high quality, Dynapac has contributed to the innovation and development of new constructional material & industry-related technology.