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Up Your Game - Dynapac mini paver F80W

24 Sep 2020

UP YOUR GAME - Dynapac mini paver F80W

The smallest paver from Dynapac - F80W has been well received by our partners and customers. With the F80W in action for some time now, we took the opportunity to get some feedback from Mr. Rene Jauk, CEO at BAU Power Group AB and Mr. Mathieu Boone, Sales rep at Van der Spek.

Why should one consider the F80W mini paver for their business?

Some of our customers focus on construction of bicycle & walking paths and landscaping job. We used to offer the Dynapac F1200 but it’s a bigger machine packed with features. For narrow paving jobs, the F1200 is often considered investment heavy. The F80W is simply a better solution for such construction job requirements.

We also see that it opens doors to new customer segments. The F80W is attracting those who want to enter the paving business. It’s a valuable addition to the range of Dynapac road construction equipment we offer.

Quite a few of our customers like to rent the F80W. It’s working quite well for both parties. “We have both rental and demo equipment that we provide to our customers for trial runs. You can rent the machine including the operator from us.” says Mr. Rene Jauk, CEO at BauPower Group

Where do you think you can get the most out of the F80W?

Think of small & tight areas like driveways or small parking lots. Think of narrow but long stretches like bicycle or walking paths, waterline projects. The F80W is a three wheeled mini paver constructed for such applications where a tight turning radius and compact dimensions matter. The F80W can fit in a trench or milled-out section which is wider than around 85cm / 2.8 ft.

What do you believe the customers appreciate the most about the F80W?

When you buy such an equipment you expect it to work in tight spaces and it does that beautifully. Now, if you can move the equipment on a trailer with your pick-up truck – that adds a whole new dimension. And that is what our customers like about the F80W.

Invariably, in tight spaces where you can’t get a small paver, you end up doing the job with mini excavators & a lot of manual labor with shovels. It gets the job done but you know it’s slow, unpractical and most often the paving result is not very clean. It’s a compromise as you did not have a choice. The F80W is the solution to this problem. You don’t have to compromise anymore.

The F80W comes with a heatable vibrating screed. You get a mat that is even and pre-compaction is much better because of vibrating screed. Once more – don’t compromise on the quality.

We have relatively small companies that focus on landscaping job, bicycle & walking paths. The Dynapac F1200 could be an option but then it’s a bigger and different machine with more features. And hence it ends up being investment heavy. The F80W closes this portfolio gap nicely. If you are a small business or a start-up company who wants to get into the road construction business - the F80W is probably what you should start with. It‘s a simple and easy to use machine. You learn to operate it quick.