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CP271 Pneumatic rollers

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Compaction width 2350 mm
Length mm
Width mm
Height, with ROPS mm
Height, without ROPS mm
Discontinued true
Operating Mass: 12400 kg
Wheel loads with max. ballast: 3000 kg
Rolling width:2350 mm

Technical data

Operating mass (incl. ROPS) 12400 kg
Mass with max. ballast 27000 kg
Mass with wet sand ballast 25500 kg
Transmission Clark 20000 - Power Shift to final chain drive
Speed low km/h
Speed high km/h
Max. theoretical gradeability %
Speed range (Dual/TC/AS) 4/9/23
Rolling width 2350 mm
Tyre overlap 42 mm
Wheel loads, without ballast 1370 kg
Wheel loads, with wet sand ballast 2833 kg
Wheel loads, with max. ballast 3000 kg
Tyre pressure, min 250 kPa
Tyre pressure, max 850 kPa
Tyre type (smooth) 13/80 R20
Water spray system, type Pressurized
Water spray system, tank capacity 415 l
Water spray system, spray nozzle one per tyre
Ballast volume 8 m3
Manufacturer Cummins
Manufacturer/Model Cummins
Model B4.5 T
Rated power 99.0 hp
Rated power 74 kW
Rated power @ 2200 rpm
Rated power, SAE J1995 74 kW (99.0 hp ) @ 2200 rpm
Type Water cooled turbo Diesel
Fuel tank capacity 120 l
Electrical system 12 V
Hydraulic system
Service brake Air-over-hydraulics on the 4 rear wheels. (A 2 cylindre direct mounted compressor)
Emergency brake
Failsafe disc brake on outgoing shaft from transmission.

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