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Dynapac DRP70D Plate compactors

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  • Dimensions
H. Height 910 mm
H1. Height 1080 mm
H1. Height, steering rod (lowered)
H2. Height 1470 mm
H2. Height, steering rod (raised)
L. Length 1890 mm
L1. Length 980 mm
W. Basic plate width 800 mm
W1. Plate width, without extensions 650 mm
W2. Plate width, with extensions 950 mm

Product information

Technical data

Basic mass 705 kg
Operating mass kg
Operating mass (CECE) 687 kg
Operating mass (W) 710 kg
Operating mass (W1) 687 kg
Operating mass (W2) 726 kg
Speed m/min
Max. gradeability 35 %
Max. working speed 28 m/min
Frequency 56 Hz
Centrifugal force (front/rear) 100 kN
Amplitude (front/rear) 2.70 mm
Manufacturer/Model Hatz 1D 90
Emissions according to non EPA
Type Air cooled diesel
Number of cylinders 1
Fuel consumption /h, avg. 2.2 l
Fuel tank capacity 10 l
Power 10.3 kW @ 2600 rpm