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Compact Equipment

Dynapac DRP40DX Reversible plates

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  • Dimensions
H. Height 820 mm
H1. Height 980 mm
H2. Height 1350 mm
L. Length 1700 mm
L1. Length 900 mm
W. Basic plate width 550 mm (50 + 450 + 50)
W1. Plate width, without extensions 450 mm
W2. Plate width, with extensions 750 mm (150 + 450 + 150)

Product information

When it comes to larger areas, the powerful DRP’s from Dynapac are ideal for the job – traction and compaction made easy. Extreme conditions are easily dealt with, thanks to their rugged design and allaround hard shell.

Double protection

In additional to hard shell the V-belt drive has its own protection cover to stay tough in rough conditions. Dusty environment, accidental hit from fork lifts or wheel loader will not bother the DRP owner.

Base-plate is highly wear resistant thanks to the material and construction. Extra layer of protection by powder coating ensures long life time.

Self cleaning plate

Open style construction of the heavy duty base reduces the maintenance cost. As the stones don’t get stuck, wear and tear of parts are minimized.

Add-on options

Synthetic mats

for all models

Plate width extensions


Safe. Convenient. Practical.

Vibration dampened control lever features reverse drive protection. Thus operator is kept safe from getting caught between the equipment and any other object like a wall. Control lever can be safely secured during transport and operation.

Technical data

Basic mass 400 kg
Operating mass 405 kg
Operating mass (W) 405 kg
Operating mass (W1) 390 kg
Operating mass (W2) 420 kg
Max. gradeability 35 %
Max. working speed 28 m/min
Amplitude 1.85 mm
Centrifugal force 50 kN
Frequency 66 Hz
Manufacturer/Model 1B 40
Rated power kW
Fuel consumption /h, avg. 1.50 m3
Fuel tank capacity 5 l
Power 6.7 kW @ 3000 rpm

Operations & maintenance manuals

Equipment (Standard and options)


■ Control handle - comfort - with vibration isolation
■ Height adjustable control lever
■ Control lever lock in transport and working position
■ Reverse drive protection
■ Highly wear resistant base plate
■ All around protection hood
■ All around protection for V-belt
■ Automatic decompression
■ One point lift
■ Recoil starter
■ Electric starter
■ Hour meter


■ Block paving mat
■ Extension plate
■ Service Kit