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CM2500 Compactasphalt®

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  • Dimensions
Basic width 2.55 m
Working width, max. 7.50 m
Length, max 10500 mm
Width 3000 mm
Height 4000 mm
Transport width 3000 mm
Transport height 3400 mm
Transport length 6750 mm
Discontinued true
The Compactasphalt® method is primarily developed for applying the Compactasphalt® method on highways and other wide width roads. To provide a more economic solution when applying the Compactasphalt® method to roads with a width less than 7.5m, Dynapac is introducing the CM2500 with smaller Compactasphalt® 2.55m module. This is designed to be used with a standard Dynapac DF145CS paver. The new Compactasphalt® module is built according to a similar design as the larger 3,0m module. A main difference, however, is the drive mechanism for the module. On the smaller Compactasphalt® 2.55m module it is located in front of the paver, thereby providing two main advantages: - It acts as a counter-weight for optimized weight balance - It provides more space for wearing material.
Basic paving width: 2.55 m
Max. paving width: 7.50 m
Max. layer thickn.: 300 mm
Theor placement cap.: 160 t/h

Technical data

Paving speed 0-13 m/min
Transport speed 3.5 km/h
Engine / Drive
Manufacturer/Model Deutz TCD 2013 L04
Rated power hp
Rated power 116 kW
Rated power @ 1800 rpm
Fuel tank capacity 300 l


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