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VB460TV Reglas

  • Fotos
  • Dimensiones
Ancho básico m
Ancho de trabajo, mínimo (con zapata de reducción) m
Ancho de trabajo, con regla hidráulica extensible m
Ancho de trabajo, máximo m
This range of hydraulically extendable screeds covers working widths from 1,20 m to 4,40 m. Available with gas or electrical heating systems the well proven, rigid screeds VB125T(V) are designed to be used on F5C/F5CS for building cycle ways, side walks or pavement extensions. The VB340 range is being applied to pavers F6W and F6C at working widths between 1,70m and 4,40m by use of different extension parts. Main applications are resurfacing, maintaining and repairing secondary and rural roads, narrow streets or alleys.
Anchura básica de extendido: N/A
Max. Anchura de extendido: N/A
Max. espesor de capa: N/A
Capacidad de extendido Teórica: N/A

Datos técnicos

Peso (Ancho básico) 2.800 kg
Frecuencia del Támper Hz
Frecuencia Hz


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