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EB60(E) Tables

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Largeur de base 3 m
Largeur de travail min. (avec sabot de réduction) 2,50 m
Largeur de travail (extension hydraulique) 6 m
Largeur de travail max. (avec extensions mécaniques) 9,70 m
Width (sole plate) 380 mm

Information produit

With a basic width of 3,0 m the rugged construction of the new telescopic screed EB60-E ensures a high degree of stability essential for paving widths of up to 9,7 metres by use of extension boxes of 750 mm and 350 mm width . Without these extensions the EB60-E can be infinitely variable extended hydraulically to 6,0 m. For an even and fast heating a new improved electrical heating system has been developed for this screed range. Controls for the screed heating system together with the optional tamper- and vibration speed potentiometer are housed within a conveniently located lockable enclosure. Additionally the vibration frequency and tamper frequency can optionally been monitored on single digital displays.

Données techniques

Poids (largeur de base) 3 850 kg
Profil en toit -2% to +4%
Fréquence du tamper 0,43 tr/mn
Fréquence de vibration 60 Hz

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