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CP142 Pneumatic rollers

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Dynapac ’s pneumatic tired rollers are especially designed for the compaction of bases, sub-bases and mainly for asphalt mixes on any kind of jobs. The machines have seven or nine wheels: three or five steered oscillating front wheels and four traction rear wheels. The Pneumatic Tired Rollers play a vital part in a complete range of compactors which has considerable advantages in respect to high performance and application versatility, to simplicity and security of operation and easy maintenance. These are features that doubtless contribute to the greater efficiency and profitability of the equipment with a quick return on the capital invested.
Operating Mass: 13,228 lbs
Wheel loads with max. ballast: N/A
Rolling width:69 in

Technical data

Operating mass (incl. ROPS) 13,228 lbs
Operating mass (incl. ROPS) with 2 ballast boxes 17,637 lbs
Operating mass (incl. ROPS) with 4 ballast boxes 22,046 lbs
Operating mass (incl. ROPS) with 6 ballast boxes 26,456 lbs
Operating mass (incl. ROPS) with 8 ballast boxes (option) 30,865 lbs
Transmission Hydrostatic, direct drive motors at rear tires
Speed low 0 mph
Speed high 0 mph
Max. theoretical gradeability 31 %
Rolling width 69 in
Tire overlap 0.5 in
Wheel loads, without ballast 1,477 lbs
Tire type (smooth) 7.50-15, 14 ply
Water spray system, type Pressurized, electric pump
Water spray system, tank capacity 132 gal
Water spray system, spray nozzle one per tire
Number of tires 5 front, 4 rear
Wheel loads, with 2 ballast boxes 1,962 lbs
Wheel loads, with 4 ballast boxes 2,447 lbs
Wheel loads, with 6 ballast boxes 2,932 lbs
Wheel loads, with 8 ballast boxes (option) 3,439 lbs
Wheel oscillation (°) ±3
Manufacturer/Model Cummins QSB 3.3
Rated power, SAE J1995 99 hp @ 2,200 rpm
Type Water cooled turbo Diesel
Fuel tank capacity 37 gal
Electrical system 12 V
Hydraulic system
Service brake Hydrost. braking on drive wheels (rear)
Parking/Emergency brake Spring - applied on drive wheels (rear)

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