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Dynapac CC1300 VI

Dynapac CC1300 VI Double drum vibratory rollers

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A. Wheelbase 78 in
B. Width 56 in
B3. Width, offset 1.97 in
C. Curb clearance 27 in
D. Drum diameter 35 in
H1. Height, with ROPS/cab 112 in
H2. Height, w/o ROPS/cab 80 in
K. Ground clearance 7.5 in
L. Length 112 in
O1. Overhang, right 2.46 in
O2. Overhang, left 2.46 in
R1. Turning radius, outside 170 in
R2. Turning radius, inside 119 in
S. Drum shell thickness 0.63 in
W. Working width 51 in
α. Steering angle ±30°
Discontinued false
Operating Mass: 8,600 lbs
SLL (front/rear): N/A
Compaction width: 51 in

Technical data

Max. operating mass 10,600 lbs
Operating mass (incl. ROPS) 8,600 lbs
Module mass (front/rear) 4,100 lbs/ 4,500 lbs
Speed range 0 - 5.6 mph
Vertical oscillation ±10°
Max. theoretical gradeability 42 %
Manufacturer/Model Kubota V2203-M (IIIA)
Type Water cooled diesel engine
Rated power, SAE J1995 35 kW (48 hp) @ 2700 rpm
Fuel tank capacity 16 gal
Alternative Engine
Manufacturer/Model Kubota V2403-CR E4B (T4)
Type Water cooled diesel engine
Rated power, SAE J1995 37 kW (50 hp) @ 2700 rpm
Alternative Engine
Manufacturer/Model Kubota V2403-CR E5B (StageV)
Type Water cooled diesel engine
Rated power, SAE J1995 37 kW (50 hp) @ 2700 rpm
Alternative Engine
Manufacturer/Model Kubota V2403-M-DI (CSIV/R96)
Type Water cooled diesel engine
Rated power, SAE J1995 36.5 kW (48.9 hp) @ 2600 rpm
Hydraulic system
Driving Axial piston pump with variable displacement.
Radial piston motors (2) with constant displacement.
Vibration Gear pump/motors with constant displacement.
Steering Gear pump with constant displacement.
Service brake Hydrostatic in forward and revers lever.
Parking/Emergency brake Failsafe multidisc brake in both drums

Compaction data

AsphaltComp infoAsphaltComp info34785ACbaseC24on/off1.51894100.1on5612734off70.82021-08-11 15:09:23Dynapac CC1300 VIACbase_CAsphalt concrete, base course; CrushedAsphalt concrete, base course34785ACbaseN24off1.51894.5100.6on5662934off70.82021-08-11 15:09:23Dynapac CC1300 VIACbase_NAsphalt concrete, base course; NaturalAsphalt concrete, base course34785ACbindC24on/off1.51894100.1on5612734off70.82021-08-11 15:09:23Dynapac CC1300 VIACbind_CAsphalt concrete, binder course; CrushedAsphalt concrete, binder course34785ACbindN24off1.51894.5100.6on5662934off70.82021-08-11 15:09:23Dynapac CC1300 VIACbind_NAsphalt concrete, binder course; NaturalAsphalt concrete, binder course34785ACsurfC24on/off1.51894100.1on5612734off70.82021-08-11 15:09:23Dynapac CC1300 VIACsurf_CAsphalt concrete, surface course; CrushedAsphalt concrete, surface course34785ACsurfN24off1.51894.5100.6on5662934off70.82021-08-11 15:09:23Dynapac CC1300 VIACsurf_NAsphalt concrete, surface course; NaturalAsphalt concrete, surface course34785PAC24on/off1.51894.9102.5on5612734off70.82021-08-11 15:09:23Dynapac CC1300 VIPA_CPorous asphalt; CrushedPorous asphalt34785SMAC24on/off1.51894100.1on5612734off70.82021-08-11 15:09:23Dynapac CC1300 VISMA_CStone mastic asphalt; CrushedStone mastic asphalt204060801001000pdfwebtable

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