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Operational Efficient Paver Range

06 Jul 2018

Dynapac always prioritizes customer satisfaction and success. One of the best ways of achieving this is by focusing on operational efficiency. Dynapac’s new large paver range has succeeded in this matter. All serially produced Dynapac SD2500 and SD2550 pavers, starting September 2018, will be available with new features and packages such as LightAssist to support efficient operation, increase operator’s comfort and create a safer working environment for the operator.

By standardizing its paver range, operators of Dynapac machines can switch from one to another quickly and easily. The features such as the start-stop button, as well as the software-integrated screed heating have been introduced and standardized on the SD2500 and SD2550 pavers. Thanks to the start-stop button, operational settings are automatically saved, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing fuel consumption. The screed heating can be comfortably controlled via a display. Additionally, the software will automatically recognize the attached screed – no time-consuming adjustments are needed.

More light, more visibility, more safety!

Dynapac launches a new lighting system, called LightAssist, for brighter conditions during night jobs. The LightAssist package consists of a coming home light, integrated side shield lights and an updated lighting concept.
Dynapac mobile feeder users are already familiar with the coming home light and they highly appreciate it, as it provides for safer and easier operations. Lights can be switched on using a battery switch. This means that there is no need to start the engine in order to get lighting, thus assisting in efficient operations. The coming home light guides operators safely up and down the paver. If the machine is shut down, the back lights will continue to shine for one minute so that all workers can find their way safely. The integrated side shield lights illuminate the joint and front part of the shields, hence providing operators with an improved visibility.

The new LightAssist concept from Dynapac provides daylight conditions during night jobs – making the operators working conditions comfortable and safer.