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Westphal puts Dynapac’s new CX with SEISMIC ASPHALT - on the road

11 Mar 2024

Dynapac's long-standing service and sales partner Michael Westphal, Westphal Baumaschinen, from Eckernförde, had the opportunity to put the latest Dynapac pivot roller into operation for the first time in Germany and subject it to an extensive practical test as part of the renewal of a local city circuit road. The two companies have been working together very successfully for 25 years. Westphal offers Dynapac rollers, pavers, and compaction technology for rent.

You notice it as soon as you get in the cabin: The engineers at Dynapac have placed great emphasis on safety and comfort in the new CX9. Michael Westphal, who already owns the previous model CG2300, was particularly excited about the new driver's seat. This can now be rotated and moved 360°, while the control panel with modern touchscreen color display swivels at the same time. The system automatically recognizes the change in direction. A high-tech camera system with a large color display further expands the driver's field of vision and enables rapid intervention in dangerous situations. This goes down well with Michael and his team. Despite all the safety measures on construction sites, there is always the risk that someone will get into the roller area and be overlooked. All in all, this is a state-of-the-art cockpit that makes the driver's work much easier.

What makes the CX roller really special, is the unique SEISMIC ASPHALT compaction system. This innovative technology automatically determines the optimum compaction frequency on an ongoing basis. By using SEISMIC ASPHALT in combination with Eco Mode, fuel savings of up to 25 % per year can be achieved, which means a total of approx. 3,600 euros per year and machine. And where fuel is saved, emissions are reduced. Here too, depending on the application, up to 25 % is possible, which means approx. 4,800 kg/CO2 per year and machine. Long-term benefits on the way to greater sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

The advantages of the SEISMIC ASHPALT compaction system are immediately noticeable to Westphal on the construction site. As compaction is always carried out at the optimum frequency in relation to the material, bouncing is eliminated. The CX9 is therefore significantly quieter than its previous model without SEISMIC ASPHALT technology. And the result is speaking for itself! By compacting with the material rather than against it, aggregate crushing can be avoided.

The additional LED lights on the side on the machine were very well received. These are available as an option and not only brighten up the nightwork, but above all the side areas of the machine, e.g. the edge pressing devices, are all perfectly illuminated. This enables the user to work more easily and precisely along walls and in tunnels.

Other unique features such as the new 4-3-2 spraying system, the Dyna@lyzer for full-area compaction control and the best-in-class turning radius of 2.65 m were also tested and discussed in detail during the operation on this jobsite.

Westphal's conclusion at the end of the day: "The CX9 with SEISMIC ASPHALT offers a wide range of innovations and is a milestone in terms of economy, sustainability, user comfort and safety. And with its new, cool design, it is certainly a real eye-catcher.

To the next 90".