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Charge & change the way you look at pavers

12 Sep 2022

DYNAPAC eCity Paver – Part of Z.ERA program

It’s been proven that inner cities account for 60% of global greenhouse emissions. This has led international and governmental policymakers to implement increasingly stricter regulations regarding emission and carbon footprint reductions within city limits. In helping drive the push towards full paver electrification, we created the Dynapac SD1800We. As a glimpse of things to come, it will help lead the way to a new era of more environmentally friendly machines and cleaner construction site environments. And the electrified journey has just begun.

An effective and resource-saving all-rounder

Recent developments in e-mobility have shown that the new generation of electric batteries can compete with their conventional, fossil-fuel-run counterparts. The SD1800W e is no exception. Its new electric drive comes with a highly efficient 3-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) that provides 55kW of power to the hydraulic system (screed, undercarriage).

In terms of paving autonomy, and depending on the type of job, application, and intensity of the work cycle, the SD1800We offers up to four hours of rugged performance with one single charge. Charging is done with a provided CE-compliant Type 2 plug for 400V, 6-32A, 1.4-22.0kW AC.

Charging is done via a wall box or a charging station. The SD1800W e is also chargeable using a Type 2 AC or CCS2 DC. Depending on the battery's condition (temperature, battery cycles) charging, takes around 3 hours to go from 5% to 80% @ 400V 22kW (AC) and 40 min to go from 5% to 80% @ 80kW (DC). And while charging while working is not possible, one can pre-heat the screed with the charger (with Type 2 AC or CCS2 DC) while waiting for the material to arrive, thus preserving the battery level.

Uncompromising on every track

The SD1800We brings rugged paving performance to the toughest of streets. The electric high voltage components (battery, inverter, DC/DC converter, electric motor) are connected to a thermal system; a bi-directional heat pump system with an HV compressor that supplies heat depending on the situation. The combination provides ideal working conditions even in the most demanding locations.

Power & Performance

The SD1800W e is similar in its build & performance to its diesel-powered cousin. The electric model delivers a paving capacity of up-to 350 t/h and can pave up to 4,1m with the screed extended. The high voltage electric components like the battery, inverter, DC/DC converter, electric motor are connected to an efficient water-cooled system. It consists of a bi-directional heat pump with a high voltage compressor. This ensures that the SD1800W e can work even in the most demanding of conditions.

Electrifying the path forwards

We are planning on the electrification of all our city pavers. The wheeled SD1800We will be the first model introduced on the market, followed shortly by the crawler variant.

Built in collaboration

The SD1800W e is built in collaboration with SUNCAR HK. SUNCAR, a leader in the electrification of construction machines based in Switzerland. The SD1800We will be manufactured at Dynapac’ s production facility in Germany.

The eCity Paver is part of Dynapac´s Z.ERA program which is driving the transformational change to an emission-neutral world by moving towards fossil-free drives like alternate fuels, battery driven engines and hydrogen power solutions.