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Dynapac helps customer Van Gelder on the way to CO2 neutrality from 2025 onwards

14 Dec 2022

Dynapac helps customer Van Gelder become CO2 neutral

Traditional construction company Van Gelder is the full-service infrastructure partner for the Netherlands with over 1,100 dedicated employees and more than 100 years of experience. Van Gelder's objective is to contribute to a smart, sustainable and safe public space of the future and to become emission-free from 2025.

To achieve this, Van Gelder invested in an electric paver and an electric tandem vibratory roller at dealer Van der Spek from Vianen, a partner for sales, rental and service of construction equipment. The report from the project manager of the first electric job site near Schiphol was more than satisfactory. Sander van Domselaar explains that the zero-emission construction project to repair the lane and cycle tracks on the N232 was a first not only in the Netherlands, but also worldwide. "This is a fantastic development that we can show here and we are very proud of that," van Domselaar said. "We did some tests first and then went into real asphalt paving. It just went the way it's supposed to go."

Dynapac SD1800W e city paver

The Dynapac SD1800W e city paver is equipped with a water-cooled 98-kWh lithium-ion battery pack that powers a strong electric motor directly coupled to a highly efficient hydraulic system without an additional transmission. The battery is fully charged in one hour via 700 V fast charging.

Dynapac CC900 e battery-powered tandem roller

The CC900 e battery-powered tandem roller has a 15-kWh lithium-ion battery that drives a 10-kW electric motor for propulsion and steering. Another 8.5-kW motor is used for vibration. The roller can operate for a full day - 8 hours - without recharging.

Van Domselaar was also particularly pleased with the silence with which electric machines operate. "Working with these special machines was otherwise not very different from working with conventional construction machines. The only thing that had to be taken into account was charging the paver at midday. We solved that with a mobile 500 kWh battery system that was supplied to the job site." He is convinced that these developments will enable Van Gelder to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality from 2025.