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New Heraklion International Airport in Crete

15 May 2023

Pressmeddelande, Compaction, Paving

Opening of the new Heraklion International Airport in Crete

Reaching new service heights

Across the world, Dynapac, a member of the Fayat Group, is helping advance mobility and foster the construction landscape. This commitment can be seen in its latest’s large-scale cooperation with the TERNA Group GEK. S.A. in the development of the new Heraklion International Airport in Crete.

TERNA, founded in 1972, is involved in the implementation of a broad spectrum of public and private projects, such as the construction of Railway and Highway networks, of office buildings, hospitals, museums, resorts, hydro-electric plants, dams, harbours, industrial facilities, etc.

Ready for takeoff 

The new Heraklion International Airport in the Kasteli area will replace the current "Nikos Kazantzakis Airport” and serve a global clientele. The entire project is centered around providing the private and public sectors with the infrastructure and architecture to meet their current and future transportation needs throughout the concession period. 

Runways and more

The ambitious project is comprised of multiple construction goals, including the creation of a 3,200 meters-long landing-take-off runway according to ICAO 4E, and an equally long parallel taxiway route. Eight rapid exit taxiways, two Crossfield taxiways, and an apron containing 27 remote parking positions for aircraft are also planned. Construction will also include all necessary buildings and facilities, from a state-of-the-art terminal to parking, customer, and safety structures. The planned commercial use area comprises 400,000m2. Local connection projects will also take place, to ensure that all roads leading to and from the airport offer quick and convenient access.

Mr. Giannis Smaragdakis, Construction Coordinator & Public Relations Manager (located in Crete – TERNA SA jobsite) and Mr. Nikos Maragkos, Director of the Machinery Department (located in Athens – TERNA SA head offices) welcomed the Dynapac team in week 17 for the commissioning of both the highway pavers SD2500CS and the SD2550CS.

Already, 3x CA6000D, 3x CC4200VI, and 2x CC2200 have been delivered for the project. As a new key account for the Dynapc product fleet, TERNA SA has expressed its great satisfaction in working with us and our role as a high-quality supplier for the most demanding of jobs.

Dynapac is proud to be a part of this new air travel milestone by providing its comprehensive portfolio of high-quality, durable, and effective paving and compaction product. Whether conventional or electric power, we will be there for the full consignment while helping shape the future of global construction.