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Noise reduction: Eiffage chooses Dynapac for the widening of the B236 in Schwerte

13 Mar 2022

Overall goal: Significantly reduce traffic jams in urban areas

For the citizens of Schwerte, there's not only change in the air but fewer noise emissions as well. That's because the project management company DEGES chose Dynapac for their next assignment, namely the widening of the busy federal highway between the Schwerte junction leading to the A1 autobahn and Dortmund city limits. The project was brought to life by the federal government and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The contractor carrying out the road construction work is Eiffage Infra-West, which is headquartered in Borken and is one of the leading construction companies in that federal state.

The road is being widened to four lanes. One carriageway with two lanes will be built in each direction with a length of over 1.7 kilometers. A part of the overall goal of the expansion is to significantly reduce traffic jams in urban areas while improving access to the A1 and A2 interregional highways. 

Dynapac asphalt train on the job site

Eiffage is using two Dynapac pavers and a feeder on the job site: an SD2550CS and an SD2500CS. Both are large tracked pavers that deliver high paving performance and consistently reliable quality. The machines pave "hot to hot" in parallel to achieve a uniform asphalt surface free of center seams. 

Upstream is a Dynapac high-performance feeder with a pivoting conveyor, that feeds both pavers. Its innovative yet robust design ensures a steady supply of material, thus guaranteeing continuous and uniform paving. The alternating pave widths are in the range of around 10 meters. Eiffage Infra-West technical operations manager Michael Dülger, who is responsible for the selection, equipment, and upgrading of the machines is impressed with the results:" The Dynapac feeder ensures non-contacting material feed" 

Special challenge: construction during traffic

The B236 federal highway sees heavy traffic conditions. In order not to restrict mobility, sections of the road cannot be closed off during construction work. This means construction must take place with cars and commuters passing by. This requires a great degree of care and attention on behalf of the engineers, planners, construction companies, and lastly the paving crews who must be protected from potential hazards. 

For projects like these, the "Dynapac MatTracker" sensor system ensures that the operator is out of the danger area caused by oncoming traffic. The MatTracker uses sensors to automatically monitor the position of the screed against, existing mats or edging stones. The system also complies with the ASR A5.2 regulations regarding occupational safety. Crew protection is further enhanced by the integrated fume suction device, which is Niosh-certified and operates with an efficiency of 94.3%, ensuring the protection of the paver operator and screed crew from asphalt fumes. 

Documentation of results 

Public contracts always require complete documentation of the processes. SD pavers work with the Pave-IR system, which seamlessly documents asphalt temperature across the full paving width. The results of the thermal scanner are displayed pre-processed on a large screen and can be optimally monitored during paving. Thanks to the high-compaction screed used in the SD series, the paving result is successful in every respect - both in terms of thermal uniformity across the full paving width and the homogeneous surface texture of the new pavement.