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Skilling and Training Initiatives in Dynapac India

20 Mar 2023

In a recent interview published in Equipment Times Niti Anand, HR Manager (Dynapac India)  speaks about Skilling & Training initiatives taken by Dynapac India.

1. How are skill development initiatives progressing in the country for equipment operators? What is the support from the government in operator training/skill development?

CE Industry is heavily dependent on the machine operator. A skilled and well-trained operator is the need of the hour and plays an important role in ensuring enhanced stakeholder experience, Safety at Worksite and ultimately profitability.

We are today observing large-scale automation and improved control systems in our products. However, one of the core attributes of this tech-driven future is that it will also mandate an advanced skillset to drive it.

Machine performance and productivity are dependent on operator skills and when the operator is not trained or skilled enough, there can be some serious implications on equipment performance and customers miss major potential savings in their operation. This is especially challenging for manufacturers of machines with advanced systems and controls.

The Skill India Initiative has joined hands with IESC to enroll Construction Equipment companies & prepare PAN India level Operator Skill Development Training Programs & provide employment in CE Industry. The training can be delivered through in-house training centers or even by partnering with local polytechnic colleges or IESC recognized training bodies.

Government & Legislation should encourage mandates for CE Operators on Certified Hours of Classroom + hands on training.

2. How is the scarcity of skilled operators affecting the prospects of the construction equipment market?

Indian Construction Equipment market is rapidly developing, Highway projects and a growing economy have contributed to a sharp increase in demand for construction equipment in India.

Along with this, strict deadlines are being set for the timely completion of projects. Lack of skilled workers will cause timelines to be delayed and increase the likelihood that output quality and safety will be compromised.

Given the ongoing technical updates in CE machines, it is crucial to have a skilled operator who has in-depth knowledge of equipment and their optimal usage.

3. What are your future plans for operator training activities?

Dynapac with its long history of compaction knowledge that is over 7 decades has always put focus on product as well as application knowhow. The Dynapac Compaction and Paving Handbook is a tool we use to support users in industry.

We at DYNAPAC are collaborating with IESC to develop a DYNAPAC Course Curriculum for Operator Training. The Curriculum will focus of training operators with Machine Operations, Preventive Maintenance and Safety, Health & Environment.

The program will be conducted through professionally run certified training partners, Dealer Training Centers & hands on machine training at site.

Currently, we are also running Dealer Operator & Technician trainings at our factory site in Pune. The vision for the future is to deliver DYNAPAC know how through direct as well as partner training centres pan India.