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Sometimes less is more – the DYNAPAC spray paver SD2500CS PROTAC

17 Oct 2022

Pressmeddelande, Paving

The DYNAPAC spray paver SD2500CS PROTAC

To ensure the longevity of road surfaces, an optimal composite layer of the asphalt layers is essential. The SD2500CS PROTAC spray paver successfully applies the emulsion (pressure-sensitive adhesive) and asphalt paving in a single operation.

The SD2500CS PROTAC spray paver is primarily designed for two application areas. The first is for the application of thin asphalt surface layers using “Thin layer in hot paving on sealant”. The second is for road repair, as well as for new road construction and everyday asphalting tasks.

The SD2500CS PROTAC sprays emulsion and applies asphalt in a single operation. In doing so, it increases operational efficiency while saving resources. What’s more, the road can also be opened faster traffic, thus reducing construction costs. Additionally, numerous measurements have confirmed that DSH-V surfaces have a noise reduction potential of about 5 dB(A). Moreover, the low thickness layer helps conserves resources, material use, time, and energy.

Customer Feedback

Customer Veidekke, one of the largest construction companies in Scandinavia, recently worked with the SD2500 CS PROTAC on a night job site in Norway near Oslo. The crew was very happy with the machine and had no problems to operate the spray paver for the first time during a nighttime operation due to the intuitive user interface.

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