Dynapac PL350 Compact planers

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  • Dimensions
A. Wheelbase 1570 mm
B. Front to axle 620 mm
B1. Width, max. 1310 mm
B2. Width, standard 1010 mm
B3. Width, wheel track 1030 mm
B4. Width 740 mm
B5. Width 290 mm
B6. Width 410 mm
C1. Conveyor angle, left 10°
C2. Conveyor angle, right 10°
D. Rear to axle 300 mm
H1. Height, max. 2010 mm
H2. Height, max. 750 mm
H3. Height 685 mm
K. Ground clearance 305 mm
L1. Length 2955 mm
L2. Length, with folded conveyor 3065 mm
L3. Length, with conveyor 3800 mm
R. Milling radius, min. 100 mm
V. Ramp angle 26°
α1. Steering angle, left 75°
α2. Steering angle, right 75°

Product information

Technical data

Transport mass 3.4 t
Operating mass (CE) 3.7 t
Ballast mass 1.1 t
Conveyor with scraper (standard) 0.1 t
Max. operating mass (full ballast) 4.6 t
Max. operating mass, fully loaded (CE) 4.9 t
Manufacturer/Model Cummins B 3.3
Fuel Diesel
Cooling Water
Number of cylinders 4
Rated power 60 hp
Rated power, SAE J1995 45 kW @ 2200 rpm


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